Portfolio: A few samples of our work


Facilitation, qualitative research, training, and visualization

Dane County Pretrial Justice: Data pilot

To better understand opportunities for criminal justice reform, we created a visual representation of how people move through the pre-trial system, paying particular attention to potential for being detained.

Visualizing systems

Visioning: UW Health Mindfulness Program

Increasing partnerships with diverse community organizations told the UW Health Mindfulness Program that it was time for a clear vision, mission and values. VisuaLeverage worked with staff to co-design a fully-engaged process to define the program's current and future efforts more clearly.

Visual facilitation

Mapping "ecosystems" for social change

Creative Catalysts, a collaborator in the Twin Cities, asked VisuaLeverage to co-design graphics depicting complex social and economic systems. The maps would be used by the United Way of the Greater Twin Cities to help guide their strategic planning.

Visualizing systems

Organizing for wellness

The Madison Area Wellness Collective, a group of nearly 80 wellness professionals, asked VisuaLeverage to design a process to get them moving toward a more formal organizational structure. We obliged, offering a visually rich, interactive session and options about how to organize themselves to best reach their goals.

Visual facilitation

Graphic recording to inform a new pastor

First Baptist Church is a 140-year-old progressive congregation in Madison. When they held discussions to garner member insights about how to set the stage for a new pastor, they asked VisuaLeverage to help design the process and capture those insights for the new pastor and the wider congregation.

Visual recording

Teaching MPH students to think in systems

Public health master's students at UW-Madison need systems thinking to address complex problems. We designed an interactive series to help them "think in systems" and visualize the elements, relationships, and purposes of public health and medical care systems.

Instructional Design

Visual facilitation: Community engaged health assessment

The North Shore Health Department needed a process to fully engage community members in identifying health priorities. VisuaLeverage worked with staff to design a visual engagement event, where community members got to review data and survey results, adding insights and action ideas of their own.

Visual Facilitation

Consulting on federal 340B drug discount program

Rx|x is a small consulting firm that helps large health systems ensure compliance and take full advantage of the 340B drug discount program. Using a combination of health policy training and art, VisuaLeverage is creating a video to help prospective clients understand why Rx|x adds so much value to the health system enterprise.


Teaching visual methods

The facilitators of the Adaptive Schools Foundations 4-day Seminar invited VisuaLeverage to provide a mini-course on several fundamentals of visual methods. They learned how going visual can support learning, memory, and the presentation of concepts. Host Jeannette Deloya of Peloton Consulting said, "Participants and instructors alike dug in immediately, applying new learning to the development of 2-minute presentations on new concepts, which all shared with considerable energy and great receptivity. We knocked it out of the park! Thanks, Mary, for making your time and gifts available to us!"


Visuals for the Driftless

Driftless Development, Inc., an economic development agency working in Crawford County, WI and surrounding counties, invited VisuaLeverage to depict the priorities identified by community members during and after a community discussion focusing on economic development.

Graphic recording

Forward Theater Company's 10th Anniversary Display

Forward Theater Company, who is celebrating their tenth anniversary season in 2018-2019, asked VisuaLeverage to design and produce a 16' x 6' display that hangs between the Capitol Playhouse doors during each of the four anniversary season productions.


Facilitated engagement: Member education event with Destination Madison

Destination Madison asked VisuaLeverage to design an education session for their members focused on generating memorable customer experiences. We facilitated a "visual pro-action cafe," where participants generated the topics for discussion. VisuaLeverage captured their insights in three follow-up illustrated articles, and Destination Madison shared those with a broader set of members.

Visual facilitation

Making Centro's values visible

Working with Centro Hispano of Dane County, design a process to engage staff and board in ensuring new values statements are incorporated into the way work gets done.

Organizational Strategy

Data for Impact Conference

The Data for Impact Conference is a day-long event held during Madison's Annual ForwardFest, a citywide gathering of tech and social entrepreneurs. In August, VisuaLeverage hosted a 90-minute workshop on communicating complex information.


Large employer responses to the opioid epidemic

The National Safety Council, a grantee of the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, needed a qualitative analysis of interviews from large employers (>25,000 employees) about their responses to the opioid epidemic in the U.S. In just under 15 days, VisuaLeverage provided a detailed analysis with recommendations.

Qualitative research

Data for Impact 2018: Visualizing data for action

VisuaLeverage offered a workshop during the 2018 Data for Impact conference, held during ForwardFest. Participants engaged in lively exercises to design more compelling ways to use their data to drive action.


A workshop to boost active listening

The Global Business Travel Association Wisconsin Chapter wanted a conference workshop focused on how to boost communication skills. We offered a visual, interactive session for their members.


Visualizing complex systems: Mapping criminal justice reform

Criminal justice reform is complex. In Dane County, VisuaLeverage is supporting the work of the Criminal Justice Council to visualize how data system integration can reveal opportunities for pretrial diversion.

Studio work

Revealing insights for a board and staff retreat

When the Dane County Board asked VisuaLeverage to design a retreat for committee chairs and staff, we captured data before the retreat and made it visual. That way, everyone could see priorities and gaps.

Qualitative Research