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What is visual facilitation?

Pairing visual methods with expert facilitation fully engages participants in dynamic, memorable ways. One more Death by Powerpoint is one too many.

In business, we know relationships matter most and that adults learn best when they participate in their own learning. One more Death by Powerpoint is one too many. To shift from status quo to transformational face time, consider using visual facilitation.

Visual facilitation combines visual cues with expert facilitation. We use things like visual agendas, process mapping, clustering, affinity diagrams, visual summaries, multi-voting, on-the-spot data summaires, and visual metaphors to ensure everyone can contribute and see the group's progress. Group size ranges from small teams to large convenings of hundreds of people.

People putting sticky notes on big posterboards.
At a meeting designed by VisuaLeverage, diverse community members from seven communities north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin offer ideas and suggestions in response to community health assessment data.

Why is visual facilitation so useful?

All sectors are calling for innovation. With visual facilitation, people have the room to get creative. Because vision plays a role in so many cognitive and sensory areas, participants quickly lean in, able to apply "ways of seeing" that can elude us when content is text-heavy and settings remain sedentary.

Recall increases. Because graphic creates "bread crumbs" of critical details from the discussion, groups draw on ideas already shared. They loop back to retrieve important insights from earlier discussions, and people feel their time was respected. They avoid wasting time re-hashing the same points.

Opportunities emerge. Visual processes can help reveal connections between systems, processes, or data. At the same time, gaps become more apparent. When people "see" their roles in the system, they recognize how important their roles become in making the system work.

Participants feel valued. Because visuals track the day's decision making, participants more clearly see where their contribution makes a difference. And feeling valued means people experience belonging, a critical element in engagement.

Visual Agenda
This agenda helped guide participants through steps in the day's process.

Groups engage after the event. With a few memorable visuals, participants (and even those who weren't in the room) gain touchpoints to help ensure continued action and learning.

You capture valuable process data. Sometimes we lose sight of the important insights underlying key decisions, missing key criteria or information along the way. We design processes to help you capture those insights.

What sets our facilitation apart?

VisuaLeveage thrives working with a broad range of groups. We offer experience working across sectors, from IT to education, health care to engineering. We are comfortable facilitating for groups ranging from community members to C-suite executives, from legislators to law enforcement officials.

We offer adaptability and expertise. A unique combination of visual, quantitative, analytic, and professional facilitation skills allows VisuaLeverage to dive into complexity and get truly creative about optimizing both planning and face-to-face time.

Signatures list
Signatures from Milwaukee's Hispanic business professionals during a 2018 meeting indicated their commitment to supporting community and economic development efforts to ensure conditions for a thriving community.

We focus on gathering insights. With formal training and experience in qualitative and quantitative research, we always look for ways to document and share insights, with the participants of the process in real time, and for the conveners before and after the session.

We work with clients to co-design process. VisuaLeverage sees clients as partners and as subject matter experts around their goals. Knowing this, we approach our relationships by offering group process options, guiding design, and facilitating experiences that help maximize participation and the ROI of time invested.

Visual facilitation can help you shift your face time from status quo to transformative. Get in touch to inquire about options: Mary@visualeverage.com.

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