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Use hand-drawn visuals to engage

Updated: May 27, 2019

You did it! You pulled off a terrific event. It's possible VisuaLeverage may have helped you design and facilitate the process, using visual methods to guide and capture key ideas and action steps. Why are the visuals you’ve generated so useful, and how can you use them?

How do we reverse declining membership? drawing
Remind people that your organization is addressing critical questions.

Share your visual record! Nearly 4/5 neurons in the human brain somehow engage in vision. Give people brain candy, and offer a visual follow up. Visuals can capture the "spirit" of the gathering.

Hand-drawn visuals reflect live action. How often do you open the attachment and read the minutes of a meeting? Enough said.

Help people remember. Sometimes, even those in the audience were challenged by the cognitive load. A quick visual summary can spark recall like nobody’s business. And visuals can remind people of the actions they want to take.

Who cares?

Funding partners. Do you have a special program officer who would really like to learn about your progress? Send them a visual of the action!

Customers, clients, or participants. Who couldn’t make it in person? A visual summary can do wonders to engage those who weren’t in the room--and re-engage those who were.

Collaborators. Perhaps you’re looking for a key partner on a complex project. A visual summary might help convey what you're after. And it's good form to share a visual summary with people who have given their time and talent to come and present, facilitate, or listen.

How do I share?

hand-drawn poster of data
VisuaLeverage regularly produces summaries of pre-session data.

Social media. What a great way to convey action! Hand-drawn visuals remind people how you’re moving forward.

In person. Bring your wall-sized posters to other gatherings to share the insights of colleagues and clients. You can even hand the posters in your offices along with blank sheets. This sparks ongoing conversation and innovative ideas after back-burner content has had some time to “simmer.”

Expand on the visual. Use the visuals to inform the next steps in a process. Many groups use the posters to build on the creative, innovative tone of the visuals to spark new ways of engaging with old problems.

When can I share?

people meeting
VisuaLeverage facilitated a meeting with Dane County Board of Supervisors and staff. The visuals that resulted became a useful way to recall key points that emerged from the day.

In real time. We encourage participants to share live-action shots through social media. It’s nearly impossible to re-create the value of attending an event in person, but the combination of hand-drawn text and pictures offers a window into the excitement and progress represented in the room.

Soon after the event. By following up over email within the week, you can extend gratitude, show how the session helped spark meaningful progress, and help recapture the energy that only face-to-face events can generate.

In the future. Use the visuals to remind people of past milestones, ideas, and events. Building trust and lasting engagement happens over time, not in a flash.

By sharing visuals with your stakeholders, clients, and collaborators, they gain a better sense of the ways you're taking action. You offer a unique glimpse into the energy of your event, boosting recall and engagement.

To inquire about visual facilitation services, contact VisuaLeverage at 608/661-0465.

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